Special (For meats) MS-50W37

Conveyor type

Special (For meats) MS-50W37

  1. Double-coil system and easy interactive operation. Magnetized broken needles and metallic strips can be detected with high sensitivity.
  2. Water-proof structure (IP65 *IP55 for the warning lamp). The detachable belt enables HACCP-compliant sanitary operation.
  3. Supports multi-product production lines and can save up to 200 product types and their characteristics to enable optimal detection just by selecting the type.
  4. An auto setting function enables an optimal sensitivity to be set just by passing products through several times.

Major applications
Cut meats, boneless meats, etc.
Detectable foreign objects
Magnetized broken needles, metallic strips, etc.

Standard Specifications

Belt width 500mm
Total conveyor length  2,600mm 
Belt speed  15m/min(50Hz)、18m/min(60Hz) 
At metal detection Belt stop or automatic removal (optional)
Power supply Three-phase 200VAC, 50/60Hz
Weight  Approx. 400kg

※Compatibility with various overseas power supplies also available.

Outline Drawings