• Our Advantage

Our Advantage

Nissin Electronics Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturer of foreign matter inspection equipment.

Manufactures and sells all foreign matter inspection equipment

"We have many kind of detectors, including metal detector, X-ray inspection system and image tester which meet customer's demand in the field of various industry. We try to develop new products positively."

Extensive product lineup

"Metal Detector with weight checker", "High Sensitivity Metal Detector for Magnetic Foreign Substance", "X-ray inspection system with metal detector", etc. Our unique product lineup will meet the needs of our customers.

01 Customization for various industry field

Product lineup for various industry field

We have products not only for the food industry but also for others, such as chemicals, textiles.

  • Food

  • Chemicals

  • Textiles and

  • Papermaking / recycling

  • Agricultural products

  • Ceramic industry

  • ETC..

Production based on customer needs

Our custom-made devices can meet customer demand and solve the problem.

Total system offer including detector and others.

Except detection system, we have other kind of devices, like weight checker, removal device so on. We can do total offer including them.

02 One-stop support from proposal to production and support

We provide a one-stop system from hearing customer requests to proposals, design, production, and support, and can respond to quick delivery and sudden specification changes.

  • Proposals

    We study customer's request sincerely and offer best solution for customer through good communication.

  • Design

    Our excellent technical design team in hard, soft and program development section can realize best device for your demand.

  • Production

    Our production team make various kind of device with their superior skill.

  • Support

    Service maintenance to protect customer production line.
    We have 11 domestic stations and 4 oversea stations for customer support.

03 Production system that produces high quality

Head Office / Hachioji Factory

Our factory was completed in May 2020. We make effort to improve our product quality on our Quality Policy for customer.
August 2000, we got the certification of the international standard "ISO9001" from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), now we seek further improvement.

Site area13,507.04㎡ Total area: 6,495.31㎡
Location1-32-4 Nanakuni, Hachioji City, Tokyo, Japan
Manufactured productMetal Detector, High Sensitivity Metal Detector for Magnetic Foreign Substance, Caterpillar Separator, Pinhole checker

Hakodate Factory

We design and manufacture Image tester and X-ray inspection system here.
We try to answer to customer request with our latest camerawork and AI technology.

Site area2,726.04㎡ Total area: 495㎡
Location167-141 Higashiyama-cho, Hakodate City, Hokkaido, Japan
Manufactured productImage Inspection System, X-ray Inspection System


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