Special (For Cardboard carton)

Conveyor type

Special (For Cardboard carton)

  1. Higher sensitivity than conventional models. Can detect a 2.0 mm diameter Fe or 2.5 mm diameter SUS sphere with an effective inspection height of 260 mm.
  2. Improved register function: Much more data can be registered and now displayed using Chinese characters. Registered data and settings can be saved to USB memory, and also output to a dedicated printer.
  3. A wide effective inspection width of 1500 mm. The minimum available system length is 1600 mm.
  4. A wide variety of options, including noise-suppression transformer box, incoming/outgoing signal isolation box, automatic discharger, alarm device (inspection alarm/in-process indicator), operation log printer, and robot for communicating commands to change product types.

Major applications
Cardboard cartons
Detectable foreign objects
General metals including iron, stainless steel, and aluminum

Standard Specifications

Effective aperture  260mm 
Effective inspection width  1,500mm / max. pass-through height: 1,950mm 
Total conveyor length  1,600mm 
Belt speed 20m/min(50Hz)、24m/min(60Hz) 
At metal detection Automatic conveyor stop or automatic removal (optional)
Power supply  AC100V 50/60Hz 
Weight Approx. 400 kg

※Compatibility with various overseas power supplies also available.

Outline Drawings