For powders and granules MS-2242

Falling type

For powders and granules MS-2242

  1. Easy operation: The integrated high-definition color touch panel ensures easy operation.
  2. Higher sensitivity: Frequencies can be selected according to products, leading to a reduced effect on them and a higher practical sensitivity.
  3. Improved register function: Much more data can be registered and now displayed using Chinese characters. Registered data and settings can be saved to USB memory, and also output to a dedicated printer.
  4. Vibration-resistant search coils greatly reduce removal time and increase yield.
  5. Also applicable to powders and granules. Improved sealing of the removal mechanism prevents leakage of inspection targets from the system.

Major applications
Foods: Bread crumbs, beans, powdered soups, rice, other grains, etc. Chemicals: Various plastics (pellets, powders), pigments, etc. Various powder/granular products, materials, etc.
Detectable foreign objects
General metals including iron, stainless steel, and aluminum

Standard Specifications

Effective pipe(inner) diameter  77mm、125mm 
Delivery capacity 7t/h、20t/h(For plastic pellets) 
At metal detection Air-operated damping
Power supply Single-phase 100VAC, 50/60 Hz
Weight 75kg 

※A pipe inner diameter of 154mm is also available as an option.
※Compatibility with various overseas power supplies also available.

Outline Drawings