For viscous&liquid

Pipe type

For viscous&liquid

  1. A pipe-type metal detector that is less affected by products.
  2. The pipe, as well as the auto valve, can be installed/removed with a single touch.
  3. Made of sanitary stainless steel.
  4. HI-S-compliant...HI-S is Nissin's original standard that considers not only waterproofness and dustproofness but also used materials and easy cleaning.

Major applications
Paste products (e.g. sausages and jams), liquid products, slurry products, etc.
Detectable foreign objects
General metals including iron, stainless steel, and aluminum

Standard Specifications

Pipe size Sanitary 2S/2.5S 
Delivery speed 15m/min 
At metal detection Ball valve-based automatic switching
Power supply 100VAC, 50/60 Hz
Weight 70kg 

※Compatibility with various overseas power supplies also available.