Alpas-F Series

High Sensitivity Metal Detector For Magnetic Foreign Substance

Alpas-F Series

  1. With high sensitivity, can detect Fe or SUS foreign objects in products without being affected by aluminum foil packages/trays, salt density, or temperature change.
  2. Stable detection even of foreign objects such as broken wires that can affect detection sensitivity depending on the direction.

Major applications
Products packaged in aluminum foil: Candies, retort-packed curries, gums, packaged seasonings, etc. Products on aluminum foil trays: Noodles, gratins, etc. Products in aluminum foil packages: Puddings, yogurts. Salty products: Heavily salted foods, miso,
Detectable foreign objects
Iron, stainless steel

Standard Specifications

Type Conveyor type    
Model MS-5545-22SI-□□ MS-5545-35SI-□□ MS-5545-50SI-□□
Control unit model ND-440UT    
Search coil model F4AW-022□□ F4AW-035□□ F4AW-050□□
Detection (passage) height 38 mm (Variable range: 20 to 100 mm)    
Detection sensitivity* Feφ0.4 (Reference value, Stainless steel wire φ0.28×2mm)    
Belt width 220mm 350mm 500mm
Machine length 1,200mm    
Belt speed 20 to 60 m/min    
When metal is detected Belt stop or automatic removal (Optional)    
Power supply Single phase 100 VAC, 2.0A, 150W, 50/60Hz    
Weight 110kg 120kg 130kg

* Maximum detection sensitivity. Under our standard condition. The detection sensitivity differs according to product and
 operating environment.
◦Detectable ,metals are stainless pieces including SUS304 and SUS316 that are capable of being magnetized by stress
◦The coil height is indicated in □□. Example: 01=10mm, 03=30mm, 05=50mm
◦Waterproofing device is optional.

Outline Drawings