For mining ND-150E

Special applications

For mining ND-150E

  1. Detects metallic strips mixed in crushed stones or ores to prevent damage to equipment such as crushers and conveyor belts.
  2. A special (phase regulating) circuit is built in to effortlessly reduce material effects of iron contained in crushed stones and minerals. Effects on products can be reduced with an optimal setting.
  3. Not just iron scraps, but non-ferrous metallic strips can also be detected, which cannot be absorbed or removed by a magnet separator. Notably, e.g. detection of high-manganese steel stripped off a shovel loader tip is possible.
  4. Control unit and search coils are integrated into a compact body. Its waterproof design also supports outdoor use effectively.

Major applications
Crushed stones, ores, etc.
Detectable foreign objects
Iron, high-manganese steel, etc.

Standard Specifications

Ambient temperature 0 to 40 ℃ 
Belt speed 30 to 300 m/min 
Structure Waterproof steel plate
Applicable belts 400 to 1,400 mm
Power supply 100VAC、200VAC, 50/60Hz

※Compatibility with various overseas power supplies also available.

Outline Drawings