Alpas-F Series Standard Conveyor type

Alpas-F Series Standard Conveyor type

  1. Improved sensitivity
    By improving the performance of the sensor unit and the control unit, the highest sensitivity has improved from Fe φ0.7 to φ0.4 (belt surface sensitivity) in comparison with our conventional machine
  2. High sensitivity detection of magnetic foreign substances
    Magnetic foreign substances in products such as aluminum packaged products and high-effect products can be detected with high sensitivity, which was difficult using conventional metal detectors
  3. Operability
    The high-definition color touch panel realizes easy-to-see and easy-to-use operability
  4. Consideration of HACCP
    The detachable belt provide excellent cleanability The conveyor frame, search coil and control unite are hygienic and made of stainless steel Mounting a tower type control unit, the machine has an open base structure, which makes it easy to clean the floor
  5. Enhanced history log function
    The history log capacity has been substantially increased to log up to 20,000 events. The display adapt an easy-toread Chinese character format
    History data and setting values can be stored via USB flash drive
    Optional external output and dedicated printer output are also available
  6. Conveyor variable speed control
    The conveyor is equipped with a variable speed control as a standard feature, and removal timing automatically is adjusted to the conveyor speed via setting for each substance
  7. Languages
    Four languages (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean) are available for display as a standard feature

Main inspection targets
Aluminum foil packaged products, aluminum foil plate products, aluminum lid products, aluminum bottles, high-salt foods, frozen foods whose temperature significantly changes, etc.

Standard Specifications

Type Conveyor type    
Model MS-5545-22SI-□□ MS-5545-35SI-□□ MS-5545-50SI-□□
Control unit model ND-440UT    
Search coil model F4AW-022□□ F4AW-035□□ F4AW-050□□
Detection (passage) height 38 mm (Variable range: 20 to 100 mm)    
Detection sensitivity* Feφ0.4 (Reference value, Stainless steel wire φ0.28×2mm)    
Belt width 220mm 350mm 500mm
Machine length 1,200mm    
Belt speed 20 to 60 m/min    
When metal is detected Belt stop or automatic removal (Optional)    
Power supply Single phase 100 VAC, 2.0A, 150W, 50/60Hz    
Weight 110kg 120kg 130kg

* Maximum detection sensitivity. Under our standard condition. The detection sensitivity differs according to product and
 operating environment.
◦Detectable ,metals are stainless pieces including SUS304 and SUS316 that are capable of being magnetized by stress
◦The coil height is indicated in □□. Example: 01=10mm, 03=30mm, 05=50mm
◦Waterproofing device is optional.