NX3 Series M type

X-ray inspection system with metal detector

NX3 Series M type

  1. Compact design that combines metal detector with x-ray inspection system makes it possible to install this device in small space.
  2. Main machine body of which width is only 800mm is first and smallest class among industry for device which unified metal detector and X-ray inspection system.
  3. This device can meet flexibly your demand in layout of a production line and also make high sensitivity possible in inspection process.
  4. It is possible to install high spec detection system without big change to existing inspection line.

Major applications
Products packed in small bag. (bread, sugar, sliced ham, retort products etc.)
Detectable foreign objects
General metals including iron, stainless steel, thin wire, (powdery) rust, metal leaf; and non-metal object like stone, bone, shell, glass, ceramic, etc.

Standard Specifications

Model NX3M-247080 NX3M-397080
Operation image display 15-inch TFT color LCD touch panel  
Inspection dimensions / delivery weight 210/132mm, H120 / 5kg 360/257mm, H120 / 5kg
Belt width 240mm 390mm
Belt speed 5 to 60m / min, variable speed  
System length / Weight 800mm / 380kg 800mm / 400kg
Power supply Single-phase 200VAC, 800VA, 50/60Hz  
Installation environment Temperature: 0 to 35°C, Humidity 30 to 85 %  

※Compatibility with various overseas power supplies also available.

Outline Drawings