Mother's Eye “Seven” ND-398A

Conveyor type

Mother's Eye “Seven” ND-398A

  1. Highly sensitive and needle as small as 0.8 mm diameter can be detected at a effective aperture of 100 mm.
  2. Vibration and noise resistance.
  3. A newly developed coil layout improves detection quality and performance irrespective of the direction of a broken needle.

Main inspection targets
Clothing including those for babies/children/women/men, shoes, bags, etc.
Detectable foreign objects
Needles in individual products such as baby clothes, dress pins left after attachment of accessories, broken needles

Standard Specifications

Max. detection sensitivity Part of the pinhole tip of an industrial sewing machine needle
Steel sphere converted value 0.8mm dia. Sphere
Needle inspection sensitivity check 6-level switch *1 
Effective detection width 614mm
Effective aperture 100mm *2
Belt speed 20m/min(50Hz)、24m/min(60Hz)
Total conveyor length 1,500mm
At detection Belt stop, buzzer alarm, lamp ON
Power supply Single-phase 100VAC, 180W, 50/60Hz
Weight Approx. 300kg

*1 The sensitive can be adjusted according to the detection target, from part of the pinhole tip of a sewing machine
needle (broken needle) to a dress pin. Equivalent to a 1.0mm to 2.5mm dia. Steel sphere.
*2 Effective aperture: 80mm when protective cover is used.
*3 Compatibility with various overseas power supplies also available.
Note: Clothing accessories need to be NC (needle care) products suitable for needle detectors. When using NC products,
the sensitivity is a diameter of 1.0.

Outline Drawings